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Canara Net Banking: Canara Bank is an Indian State Owned Bank. It is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka. The Bank has more than 5840 branches and 10,000 ATMs across the country. Apart from India, the Bank has its branches in Hong Kong, Moscow, Shanghai, Doha, Bahrain, South Africa, Dubai, Tanzania, and New York. Canara Net Banking provides various services to the customers to access it anywhere.

Canara Net Banking

Canara Bank

Canara Net Banking

Canara Bank offers One-Stop Solution to the customers to access all the services. Using Canara Net Banking, you will be able to use various Net Banking Services online at your convenient place. Besides this, it also offers Canara Billpay, which is the ultimate solution for all of your bill payments. In Internet Banking, the bank offers services like online funds transfer, view account statements, service requests, pay taxes, etc.

Canara Net Banking Features

Canara Net Banking provides a vast amount of services which can be accessed anytime, provided you should have a steady internet connection. Canara Net Banking services are as follows:

Canara Net Banking

Canara Net Banking


Operative Accounts

Account Summary: Using this service, you can view details about operative accounts, term accounts, loan accounts, etc. Besides this, there is an option in which you can view your Indian Rupee Balance account in Foreign Currency of your preferred choice which is converted at Notional Rate.

Account Details: Using this service, you can view details about of your Savings Account, Overdraft Account, Current Account and Recurring account.

Account Activity: With this service, you can view all transactions done in a selected account from last download statement to till date.

Unclear Funds: In this service, you can view the details about all the unclear funds in your preferred selected account.

Term Deposits

Using Canara Net Banking, you can open a new Term Deposit account, view details of Term Deposit account, inquire about TD accounts, use Term Deposit Calculator which provides detailed information about your interest rate, etc.

Loan Accounts

Loan Account Activity: Using this service, you can view all the transaction details in your selected loan account from the last statement download date till the current date.

Loan Account Details: Using this service, you can view all the master details of your loan accounts and can also view the remittances of the loan account.

Loan Repayment: Using Canara Net Banking, you can pay all the loan amounts online at your convenient time.

Loan Calculator: Loan Calculator allows you to view the EMI about your Loan Payment. To Calculate EMI, you need to enter details like Loan Amount, Interest Rate and Term in Years and Months.

Transfer Funds

Beneficiary Maintenance: Using Canara Net Banking, you can view the beneficiaries you added, transfer funds to a particular beneficiary, modify a beneficiary and delete a particular beneficiary.

Transfer Funds to Third Party: You can transfer funds to any Non-Canara bank account using Canara Net Banking.

Transfer Funds to your own Account: Using this service, you can transfer funds to your Canara Bank Savings Account from your Account in any another bank.

Bill Payments

Canara Net Banking provides services to pay utility bills. You can pay bills like electricity bills, water bills, broadband/landline bills, credit card bills, online tax payments, gas bills, postpaid bills, loan payments, make donations, pay insurance bills, etc.

Standing Instructions

You can view all of your Standing Instructions, modify standing instructions, delete any standing instructions that your holding or you can create a new standing instruction to transfer funds from one account to another.

Online Enquires

Cheque Status Inquiry: Using Net Banking, you can view the status of your cheque that you have issued.

Issued Cheque Book Status Inquiry: using this service, you can view the status of your Cheque book you have issued. It will display details about all the cheques you have issued.

Interest Rate Inquiry: You can view the Interest of your deposits and loan scheme provided by the bank.

Forex Rates Inquiry: Using this service, you can view the Notional Rates of some of the Foreign Countries. But you can’t see the current market rates.

Pending Activities: This will show you the count of bulletins and unread emails in your inbox.

Service Request

Using Canara Net Banking, you can place the request for services like Ad hoc statement request, Demand draft request, cheque book request and Stop cheque request.

Other Service Request

Mailbox: Using this service, you can send/receive mail from/to the administrators. You can view all the emails that you have kept in the draft to send to the administrator, compose a new mail to send to the bank’s administrator and view the messages sent to the administrator.

Register for Alerts: You can set alerts for the Banking Services that are being used by you. Besides you can get alerts for any of the transaction activity done using Net Banking.

Update Profile: Using Canara Net Banking, you can update details about your account like edit nickname, city, state, contact, fax, email, date of birth, pin code, etc. In order to change your User ID, Name and Address you need to contact Bank Branch.

Change Password: Using Net Banking, you can change your Net Banking Password after you Log in. Also, Bank suggests changing your password frequently to maintain security.

Activity Log: Using this service, you can view the transaction activity for the current session as well as for the last 3 transaction sessions. Here you can view the details like past logins, date and time, session time and activities during that session.

Apply / Register for Canara Net Banking Online

Follow the steps given below:

1. Visit the site
2. Click on New User.
3. Read all the Terms and Conditions that are shown on the Pop-up Page and then click on “I Agree”.
4. You will then view a Form, fill all the compulsory details in the form and then click on “I Agree”. You will receive your User ID and Password at your Registered Mobile Number.

How to login into your Canara Net Banking Account?

To know how to login into your Net Banking Account, watch the video as given below:

To login into your Canara Net Banking Account, visit this link.

Is the Canara Net Banking Facility available for an NRI?

Yes, Canara Net Banking Facility is available for an NRI. NRI can access all the Net Banking Services in any part of the world.

I have Forgotten my Net Banking Password. How can get it back?

For this, you have to submit a new application and letter requesting for a new password. You have to provide bank your User ID, within few days they will regenerate your Password and will send you to your registered Email Address.

Canara Bank’s Net Banking Application is available on both the Platforms, Android and iOS. For Android, CANMOBILE App and for iOS, Canara Bank App is available using which you will be able to access various Net Banking Services.

Canara Net Banking FAQs

Who can Register for Canara Net Banking?

All the customers who are having the account in Canara Bank can Register for Canara Net Banking.

Where will I get the Net Banking Registration Form?

You can download the Net Banking Registration Form from the website or you can walk to any Canara Bank Branch and get it from there.

How to register for Canara Bank Net Banking?

Visiting the Branch

Follow the simple steps to register for Net Banking:
1. Download the Canara Bank Net Banking Application Form from its website.
2. Fill all the essential details in the form.
3. Now visit your base branch and submit the form.
4. They will verify all the details and will send you the User ID and Password at your registered address.

How can I change by Net Banking Password?

Follow the steps given below to change your password.

  • You can change password anytime.
  • Here you will receive a prompt to change your password mainly on two instances.
  1. At the time, you log in for the first time with your newly generated passwords.
  2. Also. you will be prompted every 90 days from the date of change of your password.
  • You can also change your Password anytime. To change the password, click on “Change Password” option available in the Menu.
  • As soon as you click on it, you will view a “Change Password” screen. Here, you have to choose the type of password to change (Login Password or Transaction Password).
  • Then you will receive a prompt, in which you have to enter your old as well as new password and then click on “change” in order to change the password.

What kind of security is available in Canara Bank Net Banking?

  • Encryption: All of your messages travel in a 128Bit SSL mode Encryption, which is one of the best types of Encryption.
  • Change password option: You can easily change password whenever you want.
  • Data Confidentiality: You data is highly Secured.
  • Password Confidentially: Only you know your password. Here, all the password are system generated which are not even known to any bank representative.
  • Number of Attempts of Login: After 3 attempts your ID will be blocked. In order to unlock it, you have to send the letter to the bank representative.
  • Validity of Password: Validity of a password is only 90 days. You will receive a prompt box before 10 days of expiration.
  • Expiry of Password: You password will expire in 90 days. If you failed to change, you have to request bank agent to provide you new passwords.